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    The Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement,  in conjunction with Family and Community Engagement Center is pleased to support you in realizing your school's family engagement plan. 

    The Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) is our division's way of engaging families in the educational experience of students. The FACE Center creates meaningful opportunities and resources for families to work with schools to ensure every child succeeds. The FACE Center collaborates with experts in our school buildings and community to strengthen family-school partnerships that increase two-way communication, cultural understanding and academic achievement.


    The F.A.C.E. Center provides schools and Parent Liaisons across Alexandria City with ongoing consultation in the following services:


    Parent Liaison Training and Support

    • Specialized professional development opportunities
    • Strategic planning and support chats
    • New Hire On-boarding

    Family Workshop and Event Support

    • Expert, facilitator led training
    • Outreach services which include: flyer development, translation, and delivery. Targeted, multilingual outreach to families including personalized phone calls, emails, texts, and flyers
    • Licensed childcare services
    • Simultaneous, teacher-led, student programming
    • Refreshments/Meals
    • Transportation

    Learning Series for Families

    • Strengthening Families: a 7 or 14-week series focused on social/emotional development and positive parenting
    • English Literacy for Parents: a 6 month course to help develop basic English literacy skills offered in Fall and Spring
    • Computer Literacy for Parents: a 10 session course focused on basic computer skills aligned with supporting student learning
    • Parent Support Groups: year-long, weekly support groups facilitated in English and Spanish by a certified trainer
    • Math/Literacy/Science: a 4 week training series in selected subject area that provides extended learning opportunities to students while simultaneously training parent/guardians in strategies to support learning at home
    • Science Nights: Interactive K-12 science exploration events held twice a year


    Kimberly N. Hooper, MPP | Parent Liaison Coordinator 
    Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) 
    Direct number:703.619.8413