Eligibility for Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) Cards

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    ACPS is collaborating with the state to ensure all families who need it have access to food.

    Any family with a student in ACPS who is already approved for Free or Reduced Priced Meals will automatically receive one of these cards, which can be used to purchase food during the crisis.

    If your financial situation has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or for other reasons, and you were not previously receiving Free or Reduced Priced Meals, please make sure you complete a FARM application. These can be completed online or requested through food@acps.k12.va.us. Once the application is completed (preferably online) or by completing an application and forwarding to School Nutrition Services either by scanning or mailing to 1340 Braddock Place, #220, Alexandria, VA 22314 we will process your application. If your family is eligible you will be added to our existing list of families to receive the EBT card payment.

    Questions? Please refer to the VDSS Pandemic EBT website.

  • How to Activate P-EBT Cards

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    Qualifying families have begun to receive their Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer cards through the mail.

    If you need help activating them, we have created a video and also a step by step guide to help.

    How to activate P-EBT card

    1. Call 1-866-281-2448
    2. Enter full card number (16 digits)
    3. When you are asked for your social security number, enter: 0000
    4. When you are asked for the date of birth of the oldest student.  Enter the date by month-day-year
    5. Create a pin
    6. Re enter the pin
    7. The card is now ready to use.