• School Bus Schedules

    In the interest of the safety of our student riders, school bus schedules are no longer posted online or made available to the general public.  Students in grades K-8 who live 1.0 mile or less from their campus and students in grades 9-12 who live 1.5 miles or less from their campus are each designated as a walk-to-school student. 

    Individualized 2018-19 bus stop information has been distributed to each campus for all assigned school bus riders.  Bus routes will be updated in mid-September to reflect adjustments based upon ridership levels and the arrival of new ACPS students.  In the interim, campus administrative offices will coordinate with the Office of Pupil Transportation for those students requiring new morning bus service or an adjustment to their afternoon delivery point in order to use an existing bus stop location. 

    Students not manifested to a specific school bus stop are not provided afternoon service from the campus.  Students participating in afternoon activities at their campus may be provided school bus service to their neighborhood provided that the campus has properly manifested that student on a specific school bus activity route.

    All T.C. Williams High School students are afforded no fare, unrestricted use the City of Alexandria DASH bus system once the student has an official ID badge to "swipe" when entering the DASH bus. 

    Weather Delays and Closures

    Find out how ACPS decides close schools or delay start times during bad weather. See the Emergencies page for more information.

    Cab and Out-of-District Transportation during Inclement Weather

    If ACPS is closed because of inclement weather, NO out-of-district bus or cab transportation is provided.

    If ACPS has a two-hour delay, ALL out-of-district bus and cab transportation will be delayed as well, and transported two hours late regardless of the other school districts' decisions.

    If ACPS closes one or two hours early because of inclement weather, all students who ride cabs or buses to schools outside our district will be picked up early.

    Field Trip Contact Information

    If you have any questions concerning field trips after 5 p.m. Monday-Friday or on weekends, please call 703-678-9465. Questions about field trips can be sent to

    Have a question concerning transportation?

    Call 703-461-4169.


    ACPS Transportation Center
    3540 Wheeler Ave.
    Alexandria, Virginia 22304

    Charles Stone
    Director of Pupil Transportation