Preschoolers Learning Together (PLT)

  • Due to the uncertainty of school operations for Fall 2020 and the unprecedented COVID-19 situation, the Preschoolers Learning Together (PLT) program is temporarily suspended. As such, we are not scheduling any PLT screenings or assigning PLT students to ECSE classes at this time. When ACPS schools resume normal operations, decisions regarding restarting the PLT program will be made at that time.

    PLT is a half-day preschool program offered to children ages two years and six months through four years (by September 30), who are eligible for the PLT program. This is an opportunity for typically developing children from the Alexandria community to be integrated into an early childhood special education (ECSE) classroom for the purpose of providing typical role models to students with disabilities.

    Licensed ECSE teachers implement a play-based special education program with emphasis on providing services to students with an individualized developmental delay or disability.

    Developmentally appropriate activities are incorporated into the daily routine.

    Eligibility for PLT

    • Currently a resident of the City of Alexandria
    • Meet the age requirements-child must be two and a half to four-years-old by September 30
    • Pass a developmental screening, and be observed by an ACPS preschool special education teacher
    • Children who have had no formal early childhood school experience
    • Children must be toilet trained
    • Parents/Guardians must provide transportation to/from school (Early Childhood Center, Charles Barrett or Jefferson-Houston)

    Application Process

    Step 1: Complete PLT program application English (PDF) | Español (PDF)| አማርኛ (PDF) | (PDF) بالعربية

    Step 2: Return completed application to the preschool site closest to your home:

    Step 3: Participate in a Screening Event and Play Observation.

    Applications must be submitted prior to attending a screening event. For those interested in attending these schools you must attend a screening event.

    Step 4: Receive notification in June. Parents must sign an agreement ensuring that their child will attend school five days a week, according to the school schedule. Parents must also register their child at the school and must provide transportation.


    Laura Basu, M.Ed.
    Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator
    1501 Cameron Street, Suite 235
    Alexandria, VA 22314