Early Childhood (Pre-K)

  • Pre-K Enrollment for 2020-21

    Pre-K enrollment began April 15 for parents who had previously called in and set up appointments or filled out paper or online forms. The first part of the process can be handled over the telephone. If you have a student who is eligible for the Virginia Preschool Initiative, please call 703-619-8026 or email vpiearlychildhood@acps.k12.va.us and a member of staff will contact you.


    Every student succeeds: Provide safe and inclusive first school experiences that prepare the whole child and inspire a life-long love for learning.


    Early Childhood Programs are a critical PIECE of a quality educational experience. We endeavor to:

    Prepare the whole child

    Inspire learning

    Ensure positive experiences

    Cooperate with families and the community

    Establish a foundation for success

    Program Opportunities

    The ACPS Early Childhood Programs consist of three components: Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI), Preschoolers Learning Together (PLT), and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE).

    Citywide Early Childhood Initiatives

    ACPS is committed to working collaboratively with our early childhood community to ensure high-quality early learning opportunities for our youngest learners.  Please visit the sites below to learn more information about the systems building and alignment work currently underway.

    Early Childhood Department Description (PDF)