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March 10, 2020 Water Testing Update

Francis C. Hammond Middle School 

Seven outlets were retested. Two outlets remain at elevated levels. All outlets that continue to test at or over the limit for either copper or lead will be kept offline until they can be repaired. All outlets will be retested before they are brought back into use.

Room E109 (Sink)(lead): 0.024 mg/L

First Floor Custodial Closet (Sink)(lead): 0.019 mg/L

The EPA action level for lead is 0.015 mg/L.

On 2/28/20 Five additional outlets were tested for the first time and three had elevated levels of lead.

Room E210 (LeftSink)(lead): 0.027 mg/L

                    (RightSink)(lead): 0.029 mg/L

Room 211 (Sink4)(lead): 0.019 mg/L

These are all sinks. No water fountains have elevated levels for lead or copper.