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March 4, 2020 Water Testing Update

George Washington Middle School

Fifteen outlets were retested and 12 remain at elevated levels. All outlets that continue to test at or over the limit for either copper or lead will be kept offline until they can be repaired. All outlets will be retested before they are brought back into use.

The following six outlets continue to have elevated levels of lead only:

Room A129 (Sink)(lead): 0.037 mg/L

Room A116 (Sink)(lead): 0.328 mg/L

Room C203 (Sink)(lead): 0.029 mg/L

Room A302 (Sink1)(lead): 0.022 mg/L

Room A302 (Sink2)(lead): 0.016 mg/L

Room A338 (Sink)(lead): 0.023 mg/L

The following six outlets continue to have elevated levels of copper and lead:

Room A124 (Sink)(copper): 1.720 mg/L and (lead): 0.230 mg/L

Room A244 (Sink)(copper): 2.390 mg/L and (lead): 0.027 mg/L

Room A 335 (Sink1)(copper): 2.850 mg/L and (lead): 0.162 mg/L

                     (Sink2)(copper): 1.300 mg/L and (lead): 0.057 mg/L

Room C125 (Sink)(copper): 2.110 mg/L and (lead): 0.036 mg/L

Room C131 (Sink)(copper): 1.420 mg/L and (lead):0.017 mg/L

 The EPA action level for lead is 0.015 mg/L

The EPA action level for copper is 1.3 mg/L.

On 2/20/20 an additional 24 outlets were tested for the first time and five had elevated levels of copper and/or lead. 

Room A116 (Sink2)(copper): 3.280 mg/L and (lead): 0.082 mg/L

Room A136 (Sink1)(copper): 2.910 mg/L and (lead): 0.188 mg/L

Room C203 (Sink3)(lead): 0.021 mg/L

                  (Sink4)(lead): 0.039 mg/L

Room C131 (Sink2)(lead): 0.130 mg/L

All outlets testing above the action level are sinks. No water fountains are showing elevated levels for lead or copper.