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September 21, 2019 - Soccer Pitch Donated

Mini pitch multi-use courts are currently being constructed at James K. Polk Elementary School and John Adams Elementary School.  The new structures are being built on two basketball courts at James K. Polk Elementary and one at John Adams Elementary School. Once the new surface and windscreens are added to the structure, the courts will be completed and ready to use.

The multi-use space - meant for small-sided games, team sports and other physical education activities will be used solely by ACPS students, weather permitting, during the school day. Alexandria Soccer Association's afterschool program, Soccer for Success, will run multiple 12 week sessions that will provide free afterschool soccer program for 100s of students at several ACPS Schools.  The program provides league play, uniforms, mentoring and coaching from ASA, family engagement opportunities and after school snack in alignment with providing equitable opportunities for our students.  True collaboration occurs as ACPS staff and community members volunteer to support the initiative.  When not used by ACPS, the mini pitches will be open to the public for use during reasonable hours.

The US Soccer Foundation reached out to ACPS in December 2018. They are partnering with Target in a national effort to provide schools with mini-soccer pitches to promote the sport. Originally, five ACPS schools were candidates for the project, but once the site analysis was complete, Polk and Adams were determined most suitable.  The administration and staff at both sites have been involved in the process throughout.

 This estimated value for this gift is $180,000. ACPS was responsible for and paid for some site preparation for the courts.

  • Preparing James K. Polk Elementary site cost $6500; and
  • Prepping John Adams Elementary School cost $6700.

Since then, Target has offered an additional $21,000 donation ($7,000 per pitch) to enhance the pitches and may be used by ACPS to defray the costs of site prep.