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February 28, 2020 Water Retest Results

Remediation 2/16/20 and Retest on 2/17/20 Results:

Of the 76  samples collected, five outlets continue to test above action levels for copper and lead after being flushed and aerated. The EPA action level for copper is 1.3 mg/L and for lead it is 0.015 mg/L.   All outlets that continue to test at or over the limit for either copper or lead will be kept offline until they can be repaired and cleared with further testing.                                                                                                                                                                      

Room 153 (Sink)(copper): 4.350 mg/L

Room 154 (Sink)(copper): 11.400 mg/L

The EPA action level for copper is 1.3 mg/L.

Room 153 (Sink)(lead): 0.044 mg/L

Room 154 (Sink)(lead): 0.508

Room 152 (Sink1)(lead): 0.015

Room 152 (Sink2)(lead): 0.068

Room 138 (Sink)(lead): 0.488

Room 155 (Sink)(lead): 0.016

The EPA action level for lead is 0.015 mg/L

Room 126 (Water Fountain)(Bubbler) was cleared after remediation with only a level of 0.005mg/L (lead).

Report for John Adams Retest 2/25/20 (PDF).