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October 16, 2020 - Limited Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment

The Office of Safety and Security Services conducted a limited Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) assessment. This limited assessment was in response to a work order submitted regarding a musty odor in one particular classroom.

Read the full report (PDF)

Please see a few notes below regarding this assessment:

  • ECS (environmental contractor) conducted the limited IAQ assessment in Room 1A and surrounding areas on October 16, 2020.  A total of 3 interior samples were taken.  Based on the initial assessment, there is an elevated spore count in this room (as compared to outside).  At the time of this assessment the source of the concentration (moisture) was not known. 

  • Based on these initial findings, ACPS leadership completed a follow-up visit to the site to see if we could determine the source of moisture.  There were three potential sources of moisture identified:

    • An oil separator tank located near Room 1A

    • Standing water in the elevator pit near Room 1A

    • General drainage issues at the site; water tends to run from outside into the building through the bottom of an exterior door near this room

  • Given the identification of potential sources of moisture, the following actions will be completed:

    • The oil separator tank and its immediate area were revisited.  Upon inspection it was determined that the tank does not need to be serviced.  However, several items (clothing, paper, boxes) that were found in the closet/room where the tank is located had visible signs of moisture damage and were removed.  ACPS has ordered a proposal from a remediation contractor to clean and treat the area and will commence with these efforts once a purchase order is approved.  This work should be completed by 12/11/20

    • The pumps in the pit are now working and are properly pumping out excess water. The elevator pit will be drained, cleaned and treated once the pit is completely dry.  ACPS hopes to have a week of dry weather in order to bring in the contractor to complete the remediation work. Work should be completed by 12/11/20

    • Once the above actions are completed, ECS will come back to complete another assessment to see if the mitigation activities were successful and the spore count returns to acceptable levels

  • Room 1A will remain closed until it is reassessed.  We will not allow entry into this space until the reassessment is completed.