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July 10, 2019: Swing Space Update

July 10, 2019: Swing Space Update

This event was followed by a meeting of the Collaborative Committee. Two chairs were selected for this project: Michael Doney, who represents Patrick Henry, and Dana Chambers, a Douglas MacArthur representative. concept for the swing space

Committee members discussed the concept design and heard about the community's reaction from the earlier event. They identified concerns, challenges and opportunities to work on including: options to expand parking, keeping some green space and providing safe emergency evacuation routes for students and staff. They did not set a date yet for the next session. 

Concept includes:
  • approximately 170 parking spaces - an addition of roughly 90 spaces
  • shifted parking lot on the east end for sidewalk along east side of the property to Patrick Henry building so students do not have to cross drive aisles
  • site circulation to allow for emergency vehicle access and pulling parent queuing off of Taney Avenue and Latham Street so parents drop off within the site and not on the street