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October 12, 2020: Remediation Due to Moisture

October 12, 2020

A majority of construction work for the exterior and interior of the swing space is complete. ACPS is working on finalizing certain items related to kitchen equipment, new fire alarm activation and playground upgrades at the Douglas MacArthur at Taney Avenue site.

Following an assessment of moisture intrusion at Douglas MacArthur at Taney Avenue, the entire ceiling related to this event has been replaced and the roof in the area has been repaired. The following was found remediated:

  • Rooms 1044, 1046, 1055 and 1057: Moisture damage and microbial growth found on ceiling tiles and some hard surfaces. All ceilings tiles have been replaced; hard surfaces cleaned with appropriate biocide on Monday, 10/12/20. The source of the moisture damage was roof leaks that have been repaired.  
  • Display Case in Hallway: The cork board within a display case had moisture damage and will be replaced.

 Read the MacArthur on Taney Avenue Mold and Moisture Survey (PDF).