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September 11, 2019 - T.C. Williams High School and Stadium Committee

September 11, 2019 - Agenda for meeting

Area in and surrounding the snack bar and shed needs to be cleaned and any and all debris to be removed. This promise has been made several times but has never been fulfilled. Ms Andrea Mackee will speak too this point.  

Ms Gail Noren has raised the issue of security for all sports. There was recently a  shooting at a college football game and she has concerns about the security for games at the stadium. I will let her discuss this issue.

The TC. Stadium is to be used only for high activities and for teams that have a permit to play on the field . Mr. Bartlet (head of security) and I have finished completing a project to place signs on the field stating that the field can be used only by permit--.A 30 to 40 group of Maryland mens football team and soccer teams continually use he field and two weeks ago a Katrina Moss a security guard was threaened when she told to remove themselves from the field. This needs to be put to an end-- the field is for TC sports and only teams with a permit may play. The Alexandria police and T.C. security needs to be involved. One person (Katrina Moss) is not sufficient to monitor all fields-- T.C. is the high school and needs to be attended to on an individual basis.