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September 12, 2019

The gymnasium at T.C. Williams is currently being repaired following issues with water intrusion and condensation under the floor. ACPS Department of Facilities is anticipating that the gym floor will be repaired by September 21 - in time for the Volleyball Tournament. 

The floor has had continuing problems due to water leaks and intrusion, condensation and HVAC issues. These issues have been addressed on several previous occasions and we share your frustrations with this on-going issue. 

In addition to the repair of the gym floor, the following work will be done by September 27:

  • Investigation of areas over top of and surrounding the gym
  • Roof inspection and (if needed, repair)
  • Negative pressure evaluations
  • Resealing of seams and doors
  • Piping insulation
  • Re-inspection of sealing on all roof top units, pans and drains
  • Replacement of HVAC actuators and a check on any impact from power failures

ACPS has already completed the following repairs:

  • Added power phase monitors on systems
  • Partial replacement of faulty actuators/valves
  • Provided new drip pans to catch overflow of condensation
  • Repair of line leaks
  • Repair of under-insulated piping

Over the summer, ACPS Department of Facilities also carried out the following work at the T.C. Williams King Street campus:

  • The installation of a new grab-n-go meal area - T.C. Express.
  • The installation of new blinds in the Rotunda, new technology and furniture to accommodate cooperative meetings.

At the T.C. Williams Minnie Howard campus:

  • The main office has a fresh, welcoming look for parents and students.
  • Protective materials were installed on floors.
  • Hallway walls were repaired and improved with new accent tiles.
  • New rubber flooring was installed.
  • The cafeteria has fresh paint and new lighting.

The ACPS Department of Facilities manages and cares for the school divisions buildings. It is also responsible for maintenance and repairs of our buildings as well as the construction of new buildings.