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September 28, 2020 -- Learning Advisory Team

Virtual PLUS+ Learning Advisory Team 

On Monday, Sept. 28, Education Elements met with the Learning Advisory Team at 10 a.m.The focus of this meeting was to update teachers on how their feedback from the previous week has already been incorporated into decisions around adjustments for Virtual PLUS+. This meeting also set aside time for teachers to reflect on what virtual engagement, instruction, and feedback currently live throughout the school day. Lastly, teachers shared recommendations of additional adjustments to Virtual PLUS+ that are ‘flexible’ (can be implemented in various ways across the division) vs. ‘tight’ (must be implemented the same across the division). 

See the Virtual PLUS+ Learning Advisory Team Meeting #2 Presentation (PDF).

  • Stakeholders Involved: ~225 teachers and division leaders
  • Decisions Made: Teachers are empowered to make ‘flexible’ adjustments such as teacher planning time and student breaks throughout the school day. However, ‘tighter’ adjustments to the master schedules and amount of synchronous/asynchronous time will be revisited after the next division-wide survey
  • Next Steps: The Division Team will share updates to the Advisory Team and wider ACPS community based teachers’ recommendations this week. TLL Representatives will also be finalized this week.

School Transition Team

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, Education Elements met with the School Transition Team from 10-11 a.m.  The focus of this meeting was to begin identifying what adjustments are needed for the Virtual PLUS+ Learning model to better meet the needs of students, families, and staff. The feedback from teachers during the Monday’s Advisory kickoff, reflections from principals, and general feedback from stakeholders in the community was synthesized into four larger trends. The team then used an analysis protocol to reflect on the current state of virtual learning and potential next steps to take.

  • Stakeholders Involved: ~70 school-based and division leaders (principals and directors)
  • Decisions Made: There are key trends across Virtual PLUS+ Learning that will guide the work of this group. The School Transition Team will align on small shifts and larger adjustments across the division to respond to feedback gathered across teams. Engagement and expectations are top priorities moving forward. 
  • Next Steps: The School Transition Team will pilot some of the shorter term ideas with their school-based teams and report back next week. The STT will also test the focus areas against the feedback gathered on the September 28 Advisory session for any adjustments.