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September 24, 2020 -- Division Transition Team

Division Transition Team

Kickoff Team Meeting Presentation Slides (PDF) 

On Thursday, Sept. 24, Education Elements met with our Division Transition Team from 9AM - 10:30AM.  The focus of this meeting was to review feedback and decisions made from our Virtual PLUS+ Learning Advisory Team, as well as our School Transition Team.  During this meeting, we prioritized recommendations from teachers and principals based on ease of implementation, and impact of the adjustment to the greater ACPS community.  We also used the 90 minutes to review our responsive sprint approach for the next three weeks before we present our decision around transitioning to in-person to the School Board

  • Stakeholders Involved: ~20 school, community-based and division leaders (ACPS Senior Leadership Team, PTAC Rep, Board Rep, and Alexandria Health Department Rep)
  • Decisions Made: In order to continue prioritizing decisions from our stakeholders every week, we aligned on definitions of ‘ease’ and ‘impact’.  Based on these definitions, we were able to clarify which adjustments to Virtual PLUS+ we would announce to the Virtual PLUS+ Learning Advisory Team the following Monday.
  • Next Steps: This coming week, we will continue our prioritization conversation, as well as clarifying our constraints for a transition to in-person learning - all based on local and national best practices. Of course, we will also use time this coming week to review feedback from our various working groups. 

Virtual PLUS+ Instructional Team 

On Thursday, Sept. 24, Education Elements met with the Virtual PLUS+ Learning Team from 1PM-2PM. The focus of this meeting was to align across the instructional team on the trends emerging from feedback over the course of the week, and to plan how to best support students, staff, and families within and across each department.

  • Stakeholders Involved: leaders from the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
  • Decisions Made: There is a need to streamline and prioritize supports for staff. One solution to address this is to build a Virtual PLUS+ Instruction Repository made up of emerging practices and resources across the division for teachers to learn from and collaborate through. Additionally, the meeting catalyzed the areas of focus for Monday’s Virtual PLUS+ Advisory Team--Virtual engagement, instruction, and feedback. 
  • Next Steps: The immediate next steps from the meeting were to bring best practices from neighboring divisions and experts in three categories of virtual instruction: engagement, instruction, and feedback. Additionally, we will begin to pull ideas and practices from the Advisory Team meeting on September 28th to create the repository for Virtual Best Practices in ACPS.