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Modified Calendar Amended for 2021-22

The ACPS School Board approved the amended modified calendar for Tucker for next year as part of the consent agenda at the Board meeting on the evening of Thursday, May 6, 2021. 

Key dates of the 2021-22 Calendar include:

  • August 9              First Day of School
  • October 18-22      Fall Intersession
  • April 4-8              Spring Intersession
  • June 10               Last Day of School

In-Person Learning 5 Days a Week Next Year
In-person learning is the preferred format for instruction across ACPS next year. ACPS will be offering a limited number of ACPS students the opportunity to participate in the Virginia Department of Education’s online learning option called Virtual Virginia in the 2021-22 school year. There is no option to continue the current version of Virtual Plus with Zoom instruction provided by Tucker or ACPS staff.

  • Virtual Virginia offers a blend of synchronous instruction and self-paced asynchronous learning modules.
  • The program is taught by Virginia certified teachers.
  • The ACPS home school retains the responsibility to provide additional student services, screeners/diagnostic exams and end of year SOL assessments.