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Water Quality Testing 2016

In 2016, water tests at all ACPS school and buildings were found to be well below the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) action level for lead.

ACPS conducted precautionary tests for lead on 66 water samples collected at 22 facilities. The lead level has to be less than 15 parts per billion for the water to be deemed below action level according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The decision to test water over the Memorial Day weekend was proactive and was taken in consultation with Virginia American Water and the Alexandria Health Department.

The Memorial Day weekend was selected for collecting samples as water in the building needed to be undisturbed for eight to 18 hours prior to sampling. Samples were sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Several draw points were identified within each building, including food preparation areas and drinking fountains.

Refer to the 2016 Water Tests (PDF) for a complete review of the findings.