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August 2021 Water Quality Testing - Alexandria City High School

ACPS Facilities and Operations strives to provide our students and staff with a high-quality learning environment, and that includes water quality testing in all our facilities.

Alexandria City High School building was tested before the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, and we want to keep you updated with the results.

In addition, the Commonwealth of Virginia has recently approved and implemented new standards for lead levels: As of July 1, 2020, the maximum acceptable lead level is now 10 parts per billion or 0.010 mg/L for school drinking sources. Prior to July, the acceptable lead level was 15 parts per billion or 0.015 mg/L. The actionable level for copper in drinking water was and still is 1.3 mg/L.

Alexandria City High School was recently tested and the new law applied.

When a higher than allowable level is found, ACPS begins remediation efforts. The process entails some or all of these steps depending upon the results of retesting:

  1. The outlet is taken out of service and signage is posted;
  2. Lines are flushed and aerated and retested;
  3. The unit is completely replaced and retested;
  4. The pipes are replaced and retested.

Of the 62 samples collected on 06/16/2021; 14 tested above the action level or at a reportable level for lead and/or copper.

Room B127
  • Front Sink (Copper): 1.670 mg/L, (Lead): 0.011 mg/L Reportable
  • Left Sink (Lead): 0.012 mg/L Reportable
  • Right Sink (Copper): 1.990 mg/L, (Lead): 0.019 mg/L
Room A216
  • Left Sink (Lead): 0.018 mg/L
  • Right Sink (Lead): 0.018 mg/L
Room B218
  • Left Sink (Lead): 0.013 mg/L Reportable
  • Right Sink (Lead): 0.017 mg/L
Room C210
  • Left Sink (Lead): 0.012 mg/L Reportable
  • Right Sink (Lead): 0.039 mg/L
Room A317
  • Left Sink (Lead): 0.013 mg/L Reportable
  • Right Sink (Lead): 0.018 mg/L
Room C309
  • Right Sink (Lead): 0.012 mg/L Reportable
Room C312
  • Right Sink (Copper): 1.600 mg/L, (Lead): 0.014 mg/L Reportable
Room B331
  • Sink (Lead): 0.015 mg/L

At each location above, aerators will be changed and the system will be flushed before being retested. Aerator replacement will be completed by September 17, 2021. Water retesting will be scheduled for the week of September 20, 2021.

ACPS regularly carries out routine water quality testing in its facilities in compliance with state laws. Testing is carried out by contractors who follow all established protocols. ACPS has notified the Alexandria Health Department and will keep them updated on the results.

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