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April 11, 2019 - Play Garden Update

Over the past 30 days the contractor has completed the installation of:

  • New play garden equipment
  • Stage
  • Raised unilock wall
  • Grading around playground equipment
  • Play garden tunnel
  • Circular bench
  • Stone base around new playground equipment
  • Stone base for engineered wood fiber (EWF) next to the stage
  • Stone base for loose and bonded engineered wood fiber
  • Irrigation trenching, with associated work to finalize in progress

There are now fewer than ten actions remaining to complete the project.

However, due to several additional days of rain, including one day of sleet/hail, we are now expecting the project to see further delays. In addition, the contractor has uncovered another concrete slab that has required a couple changes that were not in the original design. Further, in the past month, the contractors discovered errors and/or omissions related to some elements of the drawings and calculations initially provided to the contractor to complete the project.  

With the rain days, the additional unforeseen condition, and design changes/errors, completion of this project is now expected to be delayed to about mid-May 2019, which aligns with the completion of Phase I of the roof replacement prior to the start of the upcoming testing schedule. An updated timeline for completion will be shared with the school community as soon as possible.

This play garden project has several lessons learned that we will be sharing with the MVCS PTA, School Board, and the Facilities Department team so that these issues are avoided in the future.