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April 30, 2019 - Play Garden Update

We are proud to report that over the last week we’ve made significant progress on both projects despite the inclement weather.

The play garden project is expected to be finished the third week of May, weather permitting.

Over Spring Break, a manhole was found while  digging the footing for the wooden pathway. However, this manhole could be considered a positive unforeseen condition, since it can be a source of solution to some of the water management issues throughout the building.  While the manhole is being investigated, other playground work will continue.

This past week:

  • Landscaping boulders have been put in place
  • The contractor completed the irrigation trenching system
  • The water fountain supply was installed
  • The soccer field drainage was set and surfacing work has begun
  • Dominion Surveyors staked corners and poured Flexipave bonded Engineered wood fiber (EWF) and provided radius points for the wooden pathway
  • The footing of the payway has begun
  • Grading throughout
  • All trees were planted

During the last month, the contractor finished installing:

  • New playground equipment
  • Stage
  • Raised Unilock Wall
  • Grading around playground equipment
  • Playground tunnel
  • Circular bench
  • Stone base around new playground equipment
  • Stone base for EWF next to the stage
  • Stone base for loose and bonded EWF

The play garden Contractor worked with us to reclaim as much time as possible, after some setbacks, and we are excited that the work on the playground will be completed the third week of May, weather permitting.