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July 2020

As with any complicated building project, various factors needed to be carefully considered to ensure a design and construction that would provide the very best facility possible for our students. 

During the initial design stages of the modernization of the Parker-Gray Stadium at T.C. Williams, consideration went into ways to be able to keep the oak tree near the current concession site and potentially build around it.

However, architects and the ACPS Office of Educational Facilities determined that due to the space constraints of the field and environmental concerns relating to storm management and water runoff there was no alternative site for the new concession stand. 

In October 2018, the issue of the tree was discussed during the Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) hearing before both the Planning Commission and City Council and both voted to support the DSUP and the plans for the modernization of the stadium as presented to both official bodies.

We empathize with the members of the community who wish to see the tree remain and want to assure our city that had there been a viable alternative, it would have been pursued. Although it does not make up for the loss of a mature tree, 31 other trees and additional landscaping will be planted.