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March 11, 2020

Staff met with members of the Neighborhood Forum who wished to walk on the campus and ask questions. No formal meeting was held. 

T.C. Williams High School and Neighborhood Forum

March 11, 2020, 7:00 P.M. - Campus Walk Thru

NOTE: The group met briefly in the area between the relocatable classrooms and the concession stand.  We discussed the items below but did not conduct a formal meeting in the Principal’s conference room after the walk thru.

In Attendance: 

ACPS Committee Members: John Finnigan, Mark Eisenhour

Neighbor Committee Members: William Goff, Andrea Mackey-Lewis, Gail Noren

Other Attendees:  Carter Fleming, Frances Terrell

Agenda - Developed by Chair William Goff and Neighbors 


  1. 50% of the trees that surround the adjoining neighborhoods around TC Williams are dead. A canopy of trees would help to mitigate lights and sound.  A replanting of trees is a necessity-in addition an irrigation system would be critical to keep the trees alive.


Mr.  Eisenhour noted that he had spoken to BrightView and was getting a quote for the removal of the dead trees.  ACPS is also working with the City arborist to address this issue. 


  1. What is the decision concerning the fence surrounding the field and the neighbors?  What is the material of the fence and the height? Both entities are important to promote safety and mitigate noise for the neighborhood.


Mr. Finnigan indicated that the fence will be made primarily  of wood with brick pillars.  It will be 10 feet tall. The current height, the result of feedback during community meetings, is an increase from the original height of 8 feet.


  1. Concerning the murder of the two students and the subsequent arrest of the student in the high school-brings about a concern to the neighborhood-how would the neighbors be informed if an individual(s) were at large and escaped thru the neighborhood.


Mr. Eisenhour stated that this was a police investigation and if there was any community issue, the proper authorities would notify people if deemed appropriate. 


  1. There are new gang writings behind the neighborhood bleachers.


The building engineers are aware of the graffiti behind the visitor bleachers and they will work with the Educational Facilities office to remove the spray paint from the concrete walkways.