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Sept. 11, 2019

The neighborhood forum met and the notes from the meeting are below.

Committee Members: 

  • Bill Goff
  • Andrea Mackey-Lewis 
  • Gail Noren 
  • Peter Balas
  • John Finnigan 
  • Tammy Ignacio 
  • James Parker 

6pm: Walking Tour 

Issues discussed: Wall/Fence  

  • Wall/fence - John Finnigan discussed that input was needed for fencing material, height, and any other specs. Neighbors discussed similar to highways and also soundproof as part of discussion. 
  • Neighbors mentioned brick wall mentioned by previous ACPS School Board. 
  • Sound barrier was the main functionality. 
  • Mackey-Lewis - Suggests exploring feasibility of building a domed stadium to eliminate the lights and sound issues. 

Item #1: Addressed recently. ACPS should continue to do this regularly. Clean-up should be part of the regular maintenance along the fence line. 

Item #2 & 3: Security concerns about stadium events and overall security. Will new stadium have access points that will have human security officers? 

  • Parker says currently we have the entrances and exits covered by staff. 
  • Noren suggests hiring a security firm to make a proposal for security plan about the entrances and exits. This is open 24/7 and can be accessed. While we already contract services for security at T.C. Williams High School, this specific proposal was for games, practices and ensuring weekend events are not held without permits.  
  • Mimi Goff - discusses alleged gang activity and points to graffiti found outside. 
  • Ignacio - When other groups are here and they are run off, they go to another field. Why aren’t our gates locked to the field to keep non-permitted users out on weekends? 
  • Bartlett says ACPS will be looking to bring in security firm to assess the safety of secondary schools. This could be included in discussion. 
  • Finnigan - explain the new design features having more barriers to ensure safety and limit access points and use push-through gates. 
  • Access and permit usage - Superintendent needs to sign off. 
  • Goff asks protocol if an event is happening on the field and no permit is suspected, call security. Security will respond and if they need help they will contact 911. 
  • ACPS Security knows that they can expect calls from neighbors. 
  • Why can’t ACPS lock-down the campuses and the athletic facilities and only allow the permitted people to access? The facility should not be used by others and should be preserved for student usage for school events. 

Item #4: Traffic Study 

  • Chair Goff states the last traffic study was 15+ years ago. What would a new stadium do to the traffic in the area? 
  • How can this group request a traffic study?
  • Would a traffic study even be granted since we are not expanding the stadium? 
  • Will the field usage time of use (Friday evening) have an impact on traffic and parking?
  • Harkness - A traffic study should be done to look into the impact around school and other streets nearby. 
  • Other parking areas include Minnie Howard and possibly nearby churches. 

Upcoming Meetngs:

  • December 4 - Committee will pass on a tour unless necessary - 5:30pm meeting
  • March 11 - 5:30 - 7:30 pm
  • June 24 - 5:30 - 7:30 pm