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June 10, 2019

A meeting was held of the Neighborhood Forum.

View the notes from the meeting.

6:00 pm: Tour Notes - Finnigan, Parker & Ignacio led tour. 

Gates - Arm needs to be fixed and ONLY used for emergency. Coaches, students and staff should not be parking illegally in the back of the school (as was happening during the tour).

Landscaping Concerns Observed: 

  • Weeds  - Weeds around the facility and the stadium is not being done by BrightView.  Weeds are also out of control along the fence line, under the bleachers and around the facility. 
  • Trash along the fence line isn’t getting picked up and the fence line isn’t being kept clean and mowed.
  • Dead trees need to be removed.
  • Would like to look into the possibility of moving the concession stand and saving the old oak tree that’s been there for many years. 
  • Clean up around current concession stand and weeding near the stadium stands - home side. 

Field Usage - Who will be approving permits and monitoring the field usage? People are always playing on the field (usually adults from MD with no permit and security refuses to move them).  

Traffic Study - Has ACPS completed a traffic study to determine how many cars our garage and Chinquapin can park?  The do not want night game overflow in their communities. 

Scoreboard - Would like to know exactly where the scoreboard will be located.

Noise - Mr. Goff and others continue to be concerned about the noise in the stadium as well as the new sound system.  

7:00 pm: Meeting Notes

Notes from Last Meeting - Goff - request to add to the notes from April 3 - Add to noise. Not just speakers. Fans, whistles, players, band, cheering, etc. The combination of these noises is the concern in totality. Balas sent in request to have the addition made to the April notes. 

Noise simulations were not done during actual games. Finnigan suggested sharing report. New sound system will be clearer and more audible. There is nothing that can be done regarding the fans cheering. What can wait is the announcements until fan noise dies down. 

Bill Goff elected chair of the group. 

Current Schedule of Stadium Project- John Finnigan 

  • We are about to submit second round based on comments.
  • We have construction documents close to ready to put out for bids. Selection process for selection of a firm is projected in Fall 2019, which would need School Board approval.
  • Starting work in Fall also presents issues around weather. 

Question: Noren -  How does lawsuit impact the start date? 

  • ACPS is in constant contact with lawyers to guide the process. Project should proceed.

Question: Goff - How much money has the SB allocated? 

  • ACPS does not know the actual figure. Will try to find out. Goff expresses concern about potentially going over (like the tennis courts). 

Parking Concerns - Noren - Encourage students to not park in neighborhoods. 

  • Maybe need more space in Chinquapin. Trash left in neighborhoods. Students allegedly having sex in cars. 

Mackey-Lewis - Be more cognizant of safety around near where the neighbors fence line is. Increase security around where the neighbors houses are. 

Flemming - Thanks TC admin for being responsive to concerns expressed. Thanks Parker for keeping noise (sound) down. 

Noren - Encourage police to come around periodically to address speeding students in cars. 

Students have half day schedules. Increased foot traffic around mid-day is normal. 

Goff - Concerned about graffiti and possible gang activity. ACPS responds not seeing this in school currently. 

Updates on Summer Use of Building and Field

  • Spring season over
  • Some football 7x7
  • Summer school July 8 - August 2 
  • Practice starts August 1 - Mondays thru Fridays afternoon. 
  • No permitted use on field other than teams
  • Most likely will not be playing games here at home depending on construction. As of now, planning to be off site. 
  • Looking into possibly playing at St James.

Concerns about people/groups using field without permit. Neighbors can call ACPS Security - 703-824-6690. Mr. Parker will email weekly all summer to update on approved activities on the field. 

Next Date and Time of Meeting - Will be decided electronically by committee members. 

  • Possible Agenda Topics for Next Meeting 

Possibility of Traffic Study - for the purposes of the potential impact of Friday Night Lights games - traffic and parking on neighborhood. 

Goff - Broaden Scope - should we have other representatives here?