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April 15, 2021 – Community Meeting

Community Meeting

APRIL 15, 2021

4:00 PM Stadium Tour

6:00 PM Zoom Meeting


Peter Balas, James Parker, Carlton Gerald, Michael Burch, Ian Torrance, Mark Eisenhour, Bill Cook, John Contreras, Bill Goff, Mimi Goff, Steve and Mrs. Harkness, George Bostick, Becky Bostick, Andrea Mackey Lewis, Frances Terrell, Ky Lewis, Gail Noren, Carter Fleming, John Finnigan.

  1. A concern was expressed regarding security behind the large building that includes restrooms, storage and a shaded area for students. Attendees wanted to know how we would keep people from hanging out behind the building during and after hours. Mr. Finnigan said they we would have cameras installed on the back side of the building to assist with security. During events Mr. Eisenhour explained that an administrator or security officer would monitor the area to the rear of the building.
  2. Attendees wanted to know some more details regarding the 10 foot fence to be constructed along the property line. Mr. Finnigan reiterated that the fence would be built a few feet inside the existing chain link fence. He did express a concern that this would create a narrow blind spot where the school would not be able to see if a student had climbed the fence and was on the other side between the 10 foot fence and the existing chain link fence. Mr. Finnigan also noted that any additional plantings or replacement trees would be installed on the school side of the 10 foot fence. There was additional discussion about the positioning of the 10 feet fence along the hillside near the location of the new scoreboard. It was noted that the fence would be cantilevered and below the level of the track in this corner. Finally, Mr. Finnigan reminded the group that this is a separate project to be completed after the stadium project is complete.
  3. One attendee asked about the location of the grills for the concession stand. The grills would be located immediately to the east of the concession stand.
  4. Attendees asked about the distance of the storage building to the nearest property line on Woods Avenue. Mr. Finnigan explained that the closest corner was just over 27 feet, which is in compliance with the required set back of 25 feet.
  5. There has been an ongoing concern with rodent control along the Woods avenue properties. Mr. Finnigan spoke to the contractor who received a proposal from Ameripest. The contractor explained that the rodent traps would be set during the following week (April 19-23).
  6. During the tour Mr. Finnigan spent some time explaining how the new drainage system would work on the visitor side of the stadium. He explained how the area on the western side of the bleachers had been sloped to eliminate any low areas where water would collect. He also noted that the sidewalk would be replaced and substantially widen immediately west of the bleachers. Finally, he showed the group the new inlet that was created as part of the project and how it is connected via pipes to the storage building inlet. That inlet is in turn, connected to the sewer system. On the eastern side of the bleachers, towards the location of the new scoreboard, Mr. Finnigan explained the existing inlet needed to be cleaned out and the hillside sloped to make sure water was directed to the inlet. The inlet on the eastern side is connected to the drainage system under the field.
  7. There was a discussion about security in general with Carlton Gerald the Coordinator of Security and Emergency Operations for ACPS. He assured the attendees that a plan for each major event would be in place and shared with the committee prior to the event. He also addressed the issue of non-permitted play and the steps that would be taken to enforce current policies. Contact numbers to report concerns would be provided to the committee and would include the cell phones of Mr. Eisenhour and Mr. Gerald. In addition, attendees were encouraged to call the security office at 703-824-6690 and, if necessary, the non-emergency number for the police department at 703-746-4444. Finally, Mr. Gerald noted that there will be a camera plan for the stadium and details regarding the cameras would be made available at a future community meeting.
  8. Attendees were also concerned about parking for major events. ACPS and APD personnel present assured the group that all local parking regulations would be enforced and that the majority of the people attending events would be using the garage and Chinquapin Circle.
  9. There was a brief discussion about the installation of the light poles. Mr. Finnigan noted that the light poles on the school side of the field would be higher than the neighborhood side. He explained that this would change the angle of the light to be more vertical (straight down) to the field which would reduce the amount of light reflected towards the neighborhood.
  10. The last topic of the meeting concerned to number of trees that have died and have been removed over the last few years. Mr. Finnigan explained that one element of the project is a comprehensive tree count for the entire school site. Furthermore, the site plan is also very specific regarding the types of trees and how each one should be planted. ACPS is responsible for ensuring that the total number trees remain the same as the count completed for the project. They will work with the City arborist on a plan to better maintain existing trees and the 31 new trees that are part of the stadium project. Finally, the trees that have died will be replaced with new trees.