Why am I not receiving weather alerts and emergency notifications from ACPS?

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The system that we use to communicate with families in weather and emergency situations pulls contact information from PowerSchool. If your information is not complete or correct in PowerSchool, you will not receive our alerts.

Parents and guardians are responsible for making sure their school(s) has current contact information. At the start of each school year, families receive a welcome packet for each student that includes the information that is in PowerSchool. Parents and guardians are asked to correct that information, if necessary, and return the forms to their school or update their information online. That information is then entered into the database by the school’s registrar.

If you are not receiving messages from ACPS, please check your contact information by logging into PowerSchool and using the “Returning Student Registration” link at the bottom of the left-hand navigation. Or contact your school registrar today.

You will begin receiving messages from ACPS within 24 hours of your information being updated in PowerSchool.