Why don’t you include the status of Rec and Campagna when sending out weather alerts?

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We know that many families rely on Rec and Campagna for aftercare and that it is very disruptive when those programs are canceled. Our communication about the status of Rec and Campagna has not been as effective as it could be and we are changing our processes to address this.

Information about the status of Rec and Campagna is not always available at the time the call is made. Rec and Campagna are not run by ACPS. They make their own calls. Getting word to families as quickly as possible about an early closure means that we are sometimes not able to include this information in our initial message. Please know, however, we are always in contact with both organizations in these situations and are working to get the word out as quickly as possible.

Campagna is responsible for communicating it’s status directly with its families. If you are unsure about their status, please contact them directly at 703-549-0111. You can also follow @CampagnaCenter on Twitter.

For the status of Rec programs held at ACPS schools, see the City of Alexandria Parks and Rec Facebook Page or call 703-746-4343.

As information about the status of both programs becomes available, we include it in our messaging.