Why keep schools open?

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We know there are days when our decision to open schools on time is questioned: why did we make the call to open on time, or at all?

Our students go to school to learn and we aim to maximize instructional time so that every student can succeed. In addition, ACPS has the highest percentage of students receiving free and reduced meals in the area at more than 63 percent. And, that percentage is much higher in some of our individual schools. Many of these students and families depend on the meals received at school. For every day we delay opening, close early or close for the day, these students are missing out on meals and snacks. And, if it happens to be a Friday, they may be missing out on food sent home for the weekend.

We need to keep our schools open as much as possible, not only for instructional time, but to ensure the health and well being of those students who are most in need.