Other school divisions around us have a delayed opening or are closed, or vice versa. Why not us?

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When deciding whether or not to delay opening or close schools, we consult with our director of transportation, who is out in the wee hours checking our buses, streets, sidewalks, bus stops and school parking lots; our director of operations, who is checking the status of our school buildings and facilities; and the Alexandria transportation staff, along with those of neighboring jurisdictions regarding their assessments of conditions.

map of northern Virginia

Because conditions in neighboring counties can vary from those in Alexandria, each call is made independently. Alexandria is considerably smaller than most of our neighboring jurisdictions. The call in larger jurisdictions is often dictated by conditions in far reaching areas, where there is more variance in weather conditions, snow accumulations and temperatures and where students have to travel a greater distance to get to school.

The opening or closing of the federal or Alexandria City government does not cause the opening or closing of schools.